Bridge the Gap INC

Bridge The Gap For Autism is a 501 c(3) non profit organization that runs on community generosity. We run mostly on donations and sponsorships, and work hard to offer the best support to families in Wisconsin. Bridge The Gap offers a wide variety of services including: Daily Living Skills Mentoring Services Individual and Group Therapy Summer Camp Preschool Grants For Service Sensory Swim Teen and Young Adult Programs School District Collaboration IEP Assistance Social Skills Classes Friendship Groups Family Guidance & Education Employment Support Community Support Our Mission: Bridge the Gap is a resource for families waiting for State funding, implementing uncovered treatment protocols or in immediate crisis directly related to an Autism Spectrum Disorder. ​ Our purpose is to decrease financially related stress, increase understanding and strengthen familial ties through education and raise public awareness of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Exceptional Needs.

Opportunity to Volunteer

Bridge the Gap Needs Volunteers in the following areas. Programs and services,Donation support, Day of event activities