Red River Riders Therapeutic Horsback Riding Inc.

Shawano, Wisconsin 54166

Red River Riders (RRR) is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization providing physical and emotional benefits to disabled people through therapeutic horseback riding. Being the only program that offers similar therapeutic horseback riding classes in about a 50 mile radius, RRR provides a valuable service to Shawano, an area that has limited opportunities for this population. RRR offers a safe, healthy, cost-effective activity that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities. Our program consists of three 6-week riding sessions per year. Our herd is made up of quiet, calm, sound horses which are hand picked and given a trial time period before they are used with the riders. In 2019, RRR had 80 volunteers to make sure that the program ran smoothly. Our volunteers (ages 10-83+ yrs.) instruct classes, assist with classes, care for the horses/equipment/farm, serve on the board of directors, fundraise, coordinate classes, and promote RRR. Our riders consist of a wide range of disabilities and ages (4-70+ yrs.). The benefits of riding vary from rider to rider. Some benefits of therapeutic horseback riding may include improved strength, balance, coordination, problem solving, emotional support, stress reduction and social interaction. The overall outcome of our riders experience at RRR is a fun & safe exercise program where riders & volunteers enjoy sharing an outdoor activity.

Opportunity to Volunteer

We schedule 2 training sessions every year. If you cannot attend either session, we will have an experienced volunteer work with you the first couple of classes you volunteer. This is a hands-on class including catching, haltering, & leading horses; safety rules when working around horses; grooming & saddling; and a mock class where we will show you the responsibilities of leaders and side-walkers. Wear 'barn' clothes & sturdy shoes. You will get dirty & may be walking in mud and/or dirt. No sandals or slip on shoes. Check out the calendar page on website for class session & event